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Ever read Shakspeare? It is hard to read because every word has deep meaning, deep feeling, and we are not accustomed to this. The Hawaiian language, as well as many other root languages, have a vibrational quality to each syllable spoken which is like a prayer. What is spoken is a creation. Ask and it is given. Words have meaning. In the beginning there was light. Light is consciousness/intelligence. Our words convey that consciousness and intention and when that consciousness is able to move fully through our body unobstructed and we add our feeling and intention to it, it is our prayer, our creation made manifest. When there is obstruction it will show up in our feelings, our thoughts and our manifestations and then we can remove the obstacle and make space for what we choose. If we pay attention we can avoid obstacles and manifest our true desires more quickly. Our words are meant to be our intention. Since we have not been self aware for many an eon we, more often than not, create unconsciously. It is time to become self aware and learn how to operate the physical vehicle. This is it folks. We are reprogramming our bodies. They are not congruent with who we actually are. I can't say for sure why we chose to come into bodies that need such radical reprogramming in order to be who we freely are but we did do it. So here we are. We can leave or reprogram. Believe me when I say that this has been a struggle for me.

It is not that I don't believe that it is true that we can reprogram our reality or that we are not capable of doing anything that we choose. It is that I sometimes don't have the will or the drive to overcome the intensity of what I am feeling or because of the habit of looking at what is (actually) happening in the visible world vs what I am creating, is an easier road. And even though I know with all my heart that we are the creators of our reality I want the comfort of what I know and not to be alone. I doubt my value and my ability to hold up to scrutiny of non believers. I just plane don't feel I have the right to be this good and am afraid I will be judged harshly by those beings whose love I want, those beings who can't actually love. It is hard for me to always love myself enough. I think I have to give it away to someone more popular or worthy or with a better personality, someone less surly. But this is my task and so I am doing it. So I must learn to love myself enough. This is my greatest challenge. Why do I have to be so damn strange? To be this weirdo in the world. This is my challenge and I suspect many others have the same. I have learn to love who I am and the task I been born to, to 'be' myself.

So, we are in essence our 'Word' and in the best scenario we are expressing our true hearts desire through the lens of our individual experience (all experience, past lives, other worlds, other dimensional aspects) in our body. Look around at how you are living and ask yourself if it is a fair reflection of the life you want to live and of what you feel? Who are you? Your word is who you are in physical reality. It is what exists of who you are? There is not anything that exists in the physical world that was not and is not 'Word'. Physical reality, in its entirety is made up of 'Word'. In this reality who are you? Since your word is your prayer, your words are what makes up your physical in the future. We are always in the process of becoming so there will be pieces not fully in view and pieces being formed and we have to love what is and who we are in this moment always as this is our creation. So word, learn to love yourself enough to be in your created reality and to love yourself in it while creating the next reality. Get it? Love you where you are, accept it, surrender to what is and state your intention for the next place you want to be knowing that it will be given even when you are afraid, surrender the fear. Your intention is your word.

Try not speak with a forked tongue, intending one thing saying another. Isn't it annoying to be with false people. They say one thing and mean another. It is awful. Who wants to live with people like that. It is control and you will never get what you want if you hook into it. People are transparent, we are just accustomed to being sheep, to believing we have to rely on these thieves and liars. We are accustomed to lying to ourselves because we don't trust that there is something else. It isn't easy to trust after what we have been through but we have to learn to listen to ourselves and trust in what is given in order to get ourselves out of this mess. Things will not always make sense. That is okay. Trust your feeling. Let go and let god, your inner god to create what you have asked for.

Do not be ashamed of where you are. We are all somewhere. Do not blame others for your demise. Blaming gives your power to the blamed. My intent here is to inspire union with yourself and to strengthen my own. I want to live in a world where I can trust the words that people say to me. I am doing my best to be true to my word. I don't want to live with the living dead or to be the living dead so I will be me instead.

When you come to a place where your no means no and your yes means yes all the way through you will feel it. So when you intend for one hundred percent transparency and authenticity it will be so and when you say thank you and I appreciate what is and it this is where I intend to be. You will know it is so. Word.

Written by Amorandre'a 03/02/16. Do not use in part or whole without credit to the author and a link to this website . If you would like to subscribe please write me at and leave your email information and please share with your friends who you think will enjoy. Also, sessions are available to assist through the process of Self Mastery and the Sacred Marriage just hit the Menu button and select Evolutionary Services for more information. Thanks for reading.