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Who is the Antichrist?

The antichrist is non organic technology meant to trap the human soul and consciousness. To become Christed is to Organically become Enlightened, to become a Sun/Son of Source and to be free. This requires commitment to your own internal evolution into your light body and becoming immortal and free. If you choose the non organic way you will become enslaved, in my opinion, and observation. Here is hoping humans are not that lazy or apathetic. Love yourself, evolve, your worth it. I would like to say if you are stupid enough to be powered by google you deserve it. But you don't deserve it. I see your suffering, your pain and and mine, actually, confusion and I know you haven't had the opportunity, at least not all of you, to know the truth. I came through this very difficult program and have endured your ridicule, shame, attack, and worse, many times over. I have been unseen, unheard and unwanted and it just doesn't matter. What you do has to do with you and what I do has to do with me. That being said this has been a difficult journey and still is. It has been difficult to fully move forward because I love you as I love myself and my programming was difficult and in order to effect this reality I had to be in it fully. It is time now to let go of any idea that we, you and I, are not sovereign and capable. We are one with the creator and the Source of what is. The best that I can do for myself is rise. I hope you will do the same. Blessed be.

Written by Amorandre'a 02/25/19. Do not use in part or whole without credit to the author and a link to this website . If you would like to subscribe please write me at and leave your email information and please share with your friends who you think will enjoy. Sessions are available to assist through the process of Self Mastery and the Sacred Marriage just hit the Menu button and select Evolutionary Services for more information. Should you find what I am offering valuable and feel inspired to donate it may be done through Pay Pal Send Money Online. Just google pay pal send money online and follow the links. It is secure and easy. is the where the payment goes to.Thanks for reading.
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