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There are 3 Suns

by Amorandre’a Khem Ancient Mystery School

The First Sun is black and is in the belly, centered in the second chakra and covering the first 3. The Black Sun is the substance that all things in physical reality are made from. The Black Sun is Energy minus a blueprint or purpose

The Second Sun is in the center of the earth and is it is a yellow sun. The yellow sun contains unique the experience and knowledge for every beings who have experienced in this Solar System. The Solar System is about evolution of the Sol/Soul. The Second Sun also contains the Seed for what you will become as a multi-dimensional, I Am, Super Natural Hu-man. That Star Seed contains also your multidimensional experience and unique purpose for the next level of you Spirit (Source) infused new Self.

The third Sun is Blue and you could say it is our monad, over soul, or the energy and blueprint emanating from our Source, the Creator of All.


In order to become actualized as a Hu-Man we need to complete our Soul, bring forth our purpose and activate it within vibration of the Creator of All. Once we do this we experience the real satisfaction of being alive and are free to fulfill our dreams in perfect Harmony with All that Exists. There are some steps to follow to get there. These steps are from my personal experience and do not negate your own personal guidance or free will to choose another way.
Step 1. Follow your heart. If you are confused you are not in your heart. If you are trying to figure out what your heart is telling you, you are not in your heart. If you feel afraid you might be in your heart and your fear may be emanating from your taught perception or actual intuition of what will happen if you do something to break free of the duality matrix. Try not to get into a head trip. Face your fear. Sit with it. Eventually it will become observable as an energy. By simply bringing your awareness you are bringing light and raising the vibration in your body. Once you have moved into the observer you may notice a story or beliefs around the fear. Don't judge it. Whether the story is valid or not try to observe it without attaching to the story or belief.

Step 2. Next place yourself in the Ankh and begin to breathe from your belly noticing any areas of resistance and or blocks to the breath in your body. If you notice resistance breath into the belly with your awareness on the point of resistance and bring it into your heart and follow the procedure in Step1.

Step 3. The Weighing of the Heart. Create a space of Love in your Heart. Dream the good dream and experience the feeling of union with your Source. Just move into gratitude, love and acceptance in your feeling, your heart. Think about what makes you happy or what is feels like to be living your dream. Use frequency or sound. I use the sound ah ay oom which unlock the chamber in the heart to the high heart.

Step 4. Tune into Solar Sun, the yellow Sun in the center of the Earth. Breath your Starseed into the Black Sun and allow it to attach to the Black Sun.

Step 5. Breath the energy of the Solar Sun into your Belly joining the Energy of the Black Sun through your Star Seed until it becomes a flower of life with the Star Seed and Black Sun in the center. At this point you have completed your Soul and become a Son of the Sun.

Step 6. Bring down the Blue Sun down into the High Heart. Breath into it. Make sure you are fractal (feeling love and gratitude) and then breath the Yellow Sun along with the Black Sun and Star Seed into the High Heart. The High heart will overlight the Yellow Sun, Black Sun and Star Seed.

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