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  • Welcome to Khem - I am AmorAndre'a

    Founder of Khem Ancient Mystery School

    And this is what it is all about.....

  • This System Will Carry You Through the Ascension Process and Transfiguration into

    the I AM 12 Chakra System

  • Developing the 12 Dimensional Light Body

    Let's talk about Ascension

    We are moving from a 7 Chakra System to a 12 Chakra System.


    Each Chakra corresponds with a similar dimensional level and each chakra has a different purpose and function than what is in the current 7 chakra system. Additionally, the rules and how things work are not the same as what is available in the 7 chakra duality based template. The 7 chakra system is firmly rooted in duality while the 12 chakra system is rooted in your I AM Heart of the Sun. In this was we are in perpetual union as well as a do no harm reality Literally, there is no separation and there is total individuality and fulfillment of purpose.



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    That being said this is an initiatory path that takes you through many levels of Self Mastery. It is a step by step process and there is no cheating. We get it and apply the knowledge or we don't move forward. It is completely reliant on us. Don't get me wrong, we have help and lots of it and sessions and classes are available to help you through.


    The Heart of the Sun is your gateway home. Once you complete your Sol, initiating your New World purpose, you earn the right to join on all levels with Source and naturally begin your Ascension into the I AM light body and New Earth.

    Let's dive in....

    In the current 7 chakra system the game is about Soul or Sol. In the 12 chakra system we are Sourcing from our Spirit, the unified field of our 12 dimensional Mondad, and becoming multi-dimensional beings. The body actually Transfigures into a light body and we become the glowing ones of old. There are many things happening on each chakra level and each chakra has sacred geometry which functions for specific purpose in your body. There is a lot to learn and do in the process and it is the reason I decided to offer the classes and sessions to assist with this passage.

  • Mystery School Classes and Workshops

    Journey into the I AM

    through the following Classes

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    SECTION ONE: The Foundation

    Before we begin the integration process there is some basic information and rules that need to be understood and mastered.


    SECTION TWO: Light Body Mechanics

    Our New Light Body and Operating System


    SECTION THREE: The Transfiguration

    Morphing into the I AM

    • The First Transfiguration
    • The Second Transfiguration
    • The Fourth Eye
    • The Final Transfiguration





  • The Foundation of the 12 Chakra I AM Light Body

    Section 1 Classes

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    1) Twin Flame

    2) Duality and Union

    3) Soul Level and Spirit Level and the work within each. Becoming a Sun of the Sun.

    4) The High Heart the Monad and the Great Central Sun our Source. Our Spirit, union, etc...

    5) Sun/Sol Meditation (the description and document is available for purchase in the online store.

    6) Ascension the first level.

  • Light Body Mechanics Course

    Section 2 Classes

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    How it all works

    1. Starseed- Our Multidimensional Blueprint

    2. The Black Sun- The Substance of our reality

    3. The Yellow Sun- Our Individuality

    4. The Heart- Magnetism

    5. The Word- Frequency and Expression and Intention

    6. Vesica Pisces- Initiation

    7. Crown- Multidimensional Aspects

    8. Blue Sun- The High Heart and the Monad

    9. Tube Torus- Liberation

    10. Ankh- The Vehicle for our new Multidimensional Light Body and Beyond.


    TO take this course - CLICK HERE


    The 11th and 12 level are Ancient Mystery School Teachings of High Magic and will be taught through online interactive classes or in Groups in person following certain Initiative Guidelines and the First and Second Transfiguration.

  • The Transfiguration Workshop

    Section 3 - A Series of Full day/ Weekend or week long Workshops

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    • The First Transfiguration
    • The Elixir of Isis
    • The Second Transfiguration
    • The Fourth Eye
    • The Final Transfiguration
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    How it all works


    1. The First Transfiguration
    2. The Elixir of Isis
    3. The Second Transfiguration
    4. The Fourth Eye
    5. The Final Transfiguration
    (Savana this is a third Section of Classes done as workshops. There will be a monthly group and workshop curriculum but probably not online so I will just be developing the basic outline for each. It might need to be separate section. up to you.) I don't know how to make it look like the other sections yet.)
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    How it all works


    1. The First Transfiguration
    2. The Elixir of Isis
    3. The Second Transfiguration
    4. The Fourth Eye
    5. The Final Transfiguration
  • Private Sessions with Amorandre'a

  • Sol Sessions

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    Increase Your Vibration & Move into Divine Union with your Source

    The Sol Sessions are an extremely powerful Renewal into the Vibrant

    Energy of your Source.


    Cleansing your sol and flushing negative energy and blockages out of your system.


    This is an entry into a new way of Living in the Sacred World of your Soul in Union with Source.

  • Multidimensional Light Body Initiation

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    The sessions generally include:

    *Soul Retrieval building the Flower of Life
    *Development of the Light Body.
    *Discovering Your Original Purpose from a Sol and Spirit level and Activating Your Starseed. The Seed of Life is Key.
    *Anointing and Activating Your Purpose within the Great Central Sun.

    Because of the "Nature" of the process we fully anchor your purpose in the earth and on your path and overlight it with the energy of your Monadic Sun which causes your path to unfold as you move forward in your life.

    Tools include but are not limited to:

    *Several forms of Energy Healing. Including Dolphin, Earth, Quantum and others.
    *Assistance from Guides and other multidimensional beings always only with the permission of your higher self and within the container of freedom and ascension.
    *Updating Codes
    *Ankh Healing
    and much more

    It is a very complete and complex process which requires commitment, active participation, and practice. In this process we commit to Source, gather our Sol/Soul fragments, restore our inner Sun/Son in the belly, access and establish our Star Seed Original Purpose as a Sun, Ascend the Sun into the Heart and Overlight, Annoint and Bring to Life the Aspirant within the New World. It is the responsibility of the Aspirant to daily increase their light and fully move their consciousness into Source Light and Merge with it. This is the establishment of the light body in that reality rather than the false light matrix. This a literal release from the sourcing of our soul from the false light matrix to the Source of all as the Source.


    Monthly Podcast

    Dragon Dance This is another section not sure where to put it or market it. We need to discuss

    Monthly Group Podcast for the Dragon Dance

    The Dragon Dance creates Multi-Dimensional Union and activates the Light Body

  • About Amorandrea

    Awakened Alkhemist and Ascension Guide

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    Amorandre'a is one of the 'Glowing Ones' of old. She is a multidimensional awakened AlKhemist who has transcended the 7 dimensional reality and is in the process of Transfiguring into her multi-dimensional I AM, the 12 chakra body.


    Amorandre'a "awakened" shortly before the Harmonic Convergence in 1986 when she literally and unraveled her consciousness and merged with the mind of Source Consciousness. It was a literal introduction of a completely different operating system designed to liberate humanity from slave reality and reconnect the disengaged 12 strand DNA system.


    After 7 years of upgrading and reintegrating the body mind, she was participating in a worldwide event for the resolution of duality which resulted in a highly magical union experience with the Divine Masculine and Feminine. The union aspect of the experience lasted 36 hours and she literally glowed for 2 years following the event. This began her healing path in earnest both as a practitioner and a student.


    Then is 2010 Lilith came to her in mist high on a mountain and began teaching her this ASCENSION SYSTEM and she completed the Initiatory requirements to begin teaching.

  • Reviews

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    It was very fantastic experience I have ever had. She got some information about me and suddenly a memory flashed back to me. And I knew that experience has been trauma for a long time. I face it through the session and relieved. I felt so refreshed when the session was over. I also was give so many bright future vision and I was so happy to hear that. I feel some kind of change had started to occur when I decided to visit Mt Shasta and after Amorandre'as session my fully. S.K.

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    Jade Rehder

    What a transformative teacher Amorandrea is!

    I have had the honor of working with AmorAndrea since 2012 on my conscious evolution. The amount of progress in advancing my consciousness, willingness to feel my feelings and own my challenges has been exponential. She has skills, knowledge, wisdom and connection that allow her to meet you where you are, take you where you need to work and see where you can go. The work I have done with her has allowed me to go where I never felt I could...into my body. She makes the journey an enjoyable and expanding experience.


    Personal Evolution Coach
    Ashland OR

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    Hiromi in Fukushima.

    • I did not know that I was a kind of a Psychic Sponge . And I realized why my life have not been so easy and I found a light of hope to live through her session. Now I know that nothing was wrong with me with past relationships and I do not have to blame myself any more. And Amorandrea's message that " you are a gorgeous girl "encouraged me a lot. And I could not stop crying.

      It was a very powerful and indeed
      precious time for me .

      Thank you ,




    • 『セッションを受けて、自分がサイキックスポンジ体質だということを初めて知ることが出来ました。今まで自分が苦しかったことに対して、理由が分かったことで、一筋の光が見えたような気がしました。そしてパートナーシップに関しても、上手くいかない理由を自分のせいにしていましたが、そうではないと言っていただき、本当はゴージャスガール(とても優しく美しい心を持っている)だと表現してくれて、自然に涙が溢れてきました。今後どうすれば良いか的確なアドバイスをいただき、私のエネルギーも解放され、本当にパワフルな価値あるセッションでした。』ひろみ

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    Junko Kanno



      I have known AmorAndre’a for nearly 8 years. And her session was full of miracles. Every people experience what they need, healing ,love, messages.

      That is why I asked her to come to Japan. I thought there must be a lot of people who will be supported by her session.

      And so many Japanese people were
      impressed with her session as well as her presence itself. She is not only wonderful healer but also a master teacher . We all loved the time spent with her learning how to live our truth in our own way.

      We are so honored to be able to meet AmorAndre’a and looking forward to seeing her in Japan again.

      Love and Gratitude,

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